We are Yann and Guilhem Cleophas, French composers, arrangers and sound designers.


We create music and sound for video games, movies, multimedia applications and shows.


Our studio is kitted out with the best data processing tools and software enabling us to create different musical styles.


We put our experience and musical know-how to good use on all our projects.


Hope you enjoy our web site.
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- 2 Mar 2015 | GDC 2015

First GDC/San Francisco experience.
Just one word: awesome!!

- 19 Dec 2014 | “Promenade à la Belle Epoque” Light Show

Music and Sound Design for light show ordered by city of Nice (December 19-31 / France).

Watch live footage

- 18 Dec 2014 | “Féerie 2014″ Light Show

Music & Sound Design for Light Show ordered by city of Dijon (December 18-24 / France).

- 18 Dec 2014 | Short Film (Dwarf Labs)

Sound Design & Audio Mix for Animation film produced by Dwarf Labs.

- 13 Dec 2014 | “Waiting for Christmas” Cathedral Light Show

Music & Sound Design for Light Show ordered by city of Ajaccio (December 13-23 / Corse / France).

- 27 Oct 2014 | (Français) Membre du jury "Arts numériques et jeux vidéo Saison 2"

(Français) Participation de Yann Cléophas au jury de sélection d’œuvres graphiques vidéoludiques pour l’expo “Arts numériques et jeux vidéo Saison 2″ du musée Fabre (Montpellier/France).

Lire article de presse

- 15 Oct 2014 | TV advert

Audio production for Aveugles de France TV advert (TF1, France 2, BFM TV,i>TELE, LCI).

Watch it

- 13 Sep 2014 | Le Cedre

Music and sound design for Le Cedre Light Show (Chenove city – France).

- 8 Aug 2014 | Laon Cathedral, The inspirer

Music and sound design for Laon cathedral Light Show, Gothic style cathedral located in Northern France.

Watch live footage

- 2 Jul 2014 | Music for Honda TV Advert

Music for Honda Motorcycles TV Advert.

Watch it

- 27 Jun 2014 | Bear Memory

Music & Sound Design for Light Show ordered by decorated cave of Pont d’Arc, known as Grotte Chauvet-Pont d’Arc (France)

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- 10 Jun 2014 | Teaser Music for Claude Viallat exhibition (Musée Fabre-France)

We composed a teaser music for Claude Viallat major retrospective exhibition in Musée Fabre (Montpellier-France).
Claude Viallat is an important figure in the international contemporary art world.
Watch Viallat Teaser

- 22 May 2014 | Lecture "Let's talk about Audio Branding and Music & Sound Design in your productions"

Lecture by Yann & Guilhem Cleophas for MUUG (MontpellierUnityUserGroup) at Epitech School

More informations

- 28 Feb 2014 | Cebenos Tempo Light Show

Music for Cebenos Tempo Light Show (Alès/France).

Watch live footage

- 21 Jan 2014 | Sound Design on Summerfrost video clip

Sound Design on “Summerfrost” video clip (Mist Of Dead End).

Watch Summerfrost

- 11 Nov 2013 | Newsletter - November 2013 Issue

- 7 Oct 2013 | Combo Crew: Sound Design

Working on Street Fighter character sound design in Combo Crew video game (The Game Bakers).

Cobo Crew App Store

Combo Crew Google Play

- 12 Sep 2013 | Sick Frog

Funny animation by Nicolas LEGER, sound designed by Yann CLEOPHAS.

Watch Sick Frog

- 10 Jul 2013 | Newsletter - Summer 2013 Issue

- 6 Jun 2013 | Annecy 2013 + Mifa

Annecy / Mifa 2013 is coming up.

Meet us at the festival.


See you there!

Annecy 2013 website

- 23 May 2013 | Gomara EP

Mixing French band Gomara. EP available in October.

Gomara Website

- 4 Jan 2013 | Reworks That Matter now available!!

FREE remix album of the Blocks That Matter original soundtrack.
Listen, download and share it with your friends.

“Wood of Light” is our contribution to this project.

Reworks That Matter Page

- 14 Dec 2012 | Out There Trailer

Ambient music “Gedemo” used in new game Out There – A Space Adventure trailer (Mi-Clos Studio)

Watch the Trailer

- 10 Dec 2012 | Newsletter - December 2012 Issue

- 15 Nov 2012 | Digiworld Gamesummit + MIG 2012

Pro conferences and meetings + Public video game event in Montpellier (France).

This year: Patrice Desilets, Eric Chahi, Mark Walsh (Pixar), Naughty Dog and many others. Awesome!

MIG 2012 Website

- 24 Oct 2012 | Follow us on Twitter and Facebook

Join us on Twitter and Facebook to discover our news live!

- 6 Jul 2012 | Age of Enigma now available for iPad

Music and sound design for Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost (Casual Box).

Now available for iPad

- 2 Jun 2012 | Chicken Deep

Music and sound design for Chicken Deep (video game by Casual Box).

Available on the AppStore (iPhone)

- 16 Jan 2012 | Tadufeu is now available right here

Watch the 3D animated film Tadufeu on our Watch page.

Have fun!

- 19 Sep 2011 | Press:

Great musical themes composed by The Cleophas Brothers. The nineteen tracks offer an immersive ambience that always perfectly fits the places visited and the environments where the ghosts roam.”

Review about Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost on


- 16 Sep 2011 | Bouba & Zaza

Music and sound design for the TV pilot Bouba & Zaza (Michel Lafon Publishing).


- 29 Aug 2011 | Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

Music and sound design for Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost (Casual Box).

Now available for PC and Mac

- 27 Jul 2011 | Original soundtrack for 3D animated film Tadufeu

Original soundtracks for the prestigious ESMA school’s 3D motion picture Tadufeu.

- 9 Nov 2010 | O.resto

Music and sound design for online advertising O.resto iOs app.

- 9 Sep 2010 | Premiere of LAB and L'Entre Deux

Premiere of the 3D animation films Lab and L’Entre Deux at Gaumont Multiplex (Montpellier/France).
Dreamworks and Ubisoft were there.

- 21 Mar 2010 | Timber is now available on this site

You can watch the 3D animation film on our Watch page.

- 4 Nov 2009 | Timber wins the Public Award

The 3D animation film Timber (directed by Miguel Randrianasolo and Mathieu Limon and with our music) wins the Public Award in Nogent film festival (France).

- 18 Aug 2009 | Original soundtrack for ESMA

Two original soundtracks for ESMA school’s 3D motion picture: “Timber” and “Cok’Rush”.

- 10 May 2008 | Orgnac

Write and produce music for the orchestration of Aven d’Orgnac (Ardèche/France).

- 4 Apr 2008 | Orgnac DVD

Composition, sound mixing and post-synchronization of the DVD documentary of “Aven d’Orgnac”.